Determination of plant diversity of pasture areas in Yayladağı, Hatay

Mehmet Eren ÖZTEKİN


As a result of inappropriate and irregular use, the yield potential of our country's pastures and the quality of the grass produced are deteriorating day by day. As in the pastures of our country, Failure to comply with any management principles in the use of pastures in the Hatay region; has caused the deterioration of these uncontrolled, early and heavily grazed areas. In this study, samples were taken from the Grass Vegetation of two different pastures in different seasons in the Yayladağ region and their coordinates were determined with the help of GPS, and the Green grass and Dry grass yields of the pastures were determined.


Pasture, Yayladağ, GPS, Vegetation, Green grass and Dry grass

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