A new generic record for the flora of Turkey: Notholirion koeiei (Liliaceae: Lilioideae)

Mehmet FIRAT, Hüseyin EROĞLU


The genus Notholirion Wall. ex Boiss. (Liliaceae), is recorded for the first time from Turkey. Specimens collected from Derecik (Hakkari) province, east Anatolia, are report here as the new record Notholirion koeiei Rech.f., which was identified from Iran and later determined to be distributed in Iraq, new added to the Flora of Turkey. Detailed morphological description, vernacular name, palynology and seed surface characteristics of the species, its photographs in its natural distribution area and the updated map of the distribution area are presented in the study.


Hakkari, Morphology, new record, Notholirion, palynology, Turkey.

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