Macro and micromorphological study on fruit (disseminule) of the genus Gundelia L. (Asteraceae) with new evidence

Mehmet FIRAT, Selami SELVİ


In this study, fruits (ripe disseminules) of 22 taxa of the genus Gundelia defined in the world were studied. Fifteen of these species are endemic to Turkey, there is 1 endemic species in Iran, and 1 endemic species in Armenia. For the first time, fruit (ripe disseminule) shapes, macro and micromorphological characters of all species were compared in detail. While showing the shapes of the fruit (ripe disseminule) of each species, 25 different fruit (ripe disseminule) were selected considering all variations. In the micromorphological studies, the fruit (ripe disseminule) surface of the genus was studied for the first time in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). While the fruit (ripe disseminule) base and middle surfaces of the genus are rugose, striate, reticulate, and scalariform; the spines show striate and ruminate ornamentations. Anomocytic type stomata were observed for the first time in the spins of all taxa examined. No stomata were found in the reduced structure (pappus) in all of the members of the Asteraceae family. On the other hand, the presence of stomata was detected in the reduced structure spines of Gundelia genus. According to the morphological and micromorphological characters obtained, G. vitekii and G. tenuisecta; G. microcephala and G. purpurascens, and G. dersim with G. armata taxa were found to be very close to each other. In addition; A dendrogram is constructed as a result of the cluster analysis of the examined taxa of Gundelia based on the variation of fruit (ripe disseminule) characters in 22 taxa. The average weight of seeds of each species is given (25 variations). The fruit (ripe disseminule) details, general views, and synflorescence flowers of all the Gundelia taxa in the world are given together for the first time. Also, a dichotomous key is provided for the first time for the identification of the examined species based on fruit (ripe disseminule) characters.


Asteraceae, disseminule, Gundelia, fruit, micromorphology, SEM


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