Additional new records of Lactarius Pers. from Aegean Region for Turkey



This study was done during the 2013-2015 years to determine the diversity of the Lactarius taxa in the Aegean region of Turkey. Thirteen new records which are; Lactarius chelidonium Peck., L. cyanopus, L. salmoneus Peck., L. pseudodeliciosus Beardslee & Burl., L. fennoscandicus Verbeken & Vesterh., L. thyinos A.H. Sm. that generally have orange, yellowish-orange or natural orange coloured latex and changing to green or blue or vinaceous when dry; L. barrowsii Hesler & A.H. Sm., L. subpurpureus Peck., and L. rubrilacteus Hesler & A.H. Sm. that have brown, reddish-brown or vinaceous coloured latex; L. badiosanguineus Kühner & Romagn., L. hygrophoroides Berk. &M.A. Curtis., L. subumbonatus Lindgr., and L. serifluus (DC: Fr.) Fr. that have white and watery white latex. According to literature data, a total of eight species have been recorded in the region. Now, number species increased to 37 due to newly seen literature species and additional records in this study. Description of newly recorded Lactarius taxa are given with the knowledge of their habitats, macroscopic and microscopic features were given for each record species in the study.


New Records, Lactarius, Aegean Region, Turkey

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