Seasonal variation in the proximate body composition of Macrobrachium dayanum (Henderson, 1893) (Decapoda, Caridea) from Gho-Manhasa stream, Jammu, North India



The present study describes the seasonal fluctuation in the proximate body composition of different size groups of Macrobrachium dayanum and among the sexes MdbI (Size 6.0-20.0 mm), MdbII (Size 21.0-40.0 mm), MdbIII, (Size 41.0-60.0 mm Male) and MdbIV (Size 41.0-60.0 mm Female). The results revealed that average moisture and protein content in muscles of M. dayanum was found to be maximum (79.42±0.59% and 16.98±0.51%) in lower size group MdbI (6.0-20.0 mm) and lowest (78.09±0.82% and 16.36±0.72%) in the adult female group. The average lipid and ash content was found to be highest in adult males MdbIII (1.97±0.72% and 2.63±0.53%). The highest muscle protein and lipid content were recorded in all the groups of M. dayanum during spring and early winters. In the mature stages, fall in the muscle protein and lipid coincided with their spawning season when gonads were in advanced stage of maturity. Ash content did not provide any significant difference among different groups with respect to the season during the present study.


Macrobrachium dayanum, Seasonal variation, Size groups, Body composition, Jammu.

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