New data on the distribution of cytotypes in the genus Nannospalax (Rodentia: Spalacidae) in Turkey



Karyotypes of 131 specimens of blind mole rats from 43 localities in Turkey were analyzed. Examined populations of N. leucodon that merely lives in Thrace had 2n = 56 diploid chromosome number with two different NF values (NF = 76 and NF = 78). The karyotype 2n = 38 and NF = 74 was only determined for Western Anatolia and Gökçeada populations of the species N. xanthodon. Samples collected from all localities in where N. tuncelicus is distributed were karyologically examined and diploid chromosome number of this species found as 2n = 54 and NF = 74. Diploid chromosomal set for populations belonging to the subspecies N. nehringi nehringi that is found in Eastern Anatolia was identified to be 2n = 48 and NF = 72.  The karyotypes of 2n = 48 and NF = 74, 2n = 52 and NF = 74, 2n = 52 and NF = 76 and 2n = 56 and NF = 72 were detected for blind mole rat samples obtained from distribution area of N. ehrenbergi. As to Central Anatolia samples, four different karyotype values, 2n = 54 and NF = 74, 2n = 58 and NF = 73, 2n = 58 and NF = 72 and 2n = 60 and NF = 74, were found. A new karyotype for blind mole rats 2n = 54 and NF = 70 was determined in a specimen from Adana (Saimbeyli, İmammoğlu and Karaisalı). This karyotype was a new cytotype for N. ehrenbergi. Thus, distribution areas of cytotypes determined for Turkish mole rats were identified by adding new karyological findings in this study.


Nannospalax; karyotype; cytotype; Turkey

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