In vitro propagation of four Albanian cultivars of Juglans regia L. in various types of cytokinins

Matilda MYRSELAJ, Valbona SOTA, Ilirjana BITRI, Efigjeni KONGJIKA


The aim of this study is to develop an efficient micropropagation protocol for four Albanian cultivars of Juglans regia L. and to determine the optimal cultivar that responds better under in vitro conditions. Zygotic embryos of Përmet, Korҫa, Peshkopi and Tropoja cultivars were successfully established and germinated under in vitro conditions. After pretreatment with ascorbic acid solution at a concentration of 200 mg l-1 for 15 min., the excised embryos were inoculated in MS basal media PGRs free where oxidative stress symptoms and proliferation rate in terms of biometric parameters were evaluated. In the next step of micropropagation, the shoots obtained after embryos germination were cultivated in MS media and three types of cytokinins (BAP, kinetin and zeatin) at 2 mg l-1 each combined with NAA at 0.1 mg l-1 were tested for plantlets regeneration via subcultures. It resulted that the cultivar, is an important factor that highly affect the growth parameters in specific conditions of cultivation. .Regarding tissue browning rate, Korҫa cultivar reacted better, but in general were stabilized successful cultures for all the four cultivars. Tropoja and Përmeti cultivars were the ones which gave the highest proliferation response during the first stage of organogenesis induction. From an overall point of view, kinetin and zeatin resulted the most suitable cytokinin compared to BAP for the most of biometric parameters evaluated in this study. Mass production of the desired clones of walnut for some specific Albanian cultivars is important for conservation and utilisation of these biotechnological products for various purposes.


walnut cultivars; micropropagation; PGRs ratio; basal media; oxidative stress;

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