Two new distribution areas at amazing altitudes for Sternbergia candida which is locally endemic at subalpinic zone in Turkey and its updated IUCN category



Sternbergia candida is a locally endemic species that spreads within the borders of Fethiye district of Muğla province. It was known that this species spread in only one locality, between 1060-1450 m altitude, with 2 populations and 1 subpopulation. In January 2021, 2 new populations were discovered by 2 citizen scientists at the boundaries of Dalaman and Fethiye districts of Muğla province at altitudes (30-154 m) quite close to sea level. In this study, the description of S. candida was updated, the boundaries of its range were expanded, and the IUCN category was re-evaluated. The distribution map of the species is given. The 2 populations of this species discovered almost at sea level, are important evidence that the species which known to date spread in the subalpinic region, has a very wide tolerance. The population discovered in Muğla province, Dalaman district borders, is in scree. The population discovered within the boundaries of Fethiye district is the rocky area and rock cracks near the seaside. As a result of the study, the IUCN category was determined as Endangered "(EN) B1ab (i, v) + 2ab (ii, iv).


Sternbergia candida, new distribution areas, endemic, Turkey

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