Confirmed record of Gymnocephalus cernua Linnaeus, 1758 (Perciformes: Percidae) as a new exotic species for Turkey

Erdoğan ÇİÇEK, Özgür EMİROĞLU, Burak SEÇER, Sadi AKSU, Sevil SUNGUR, Sercan BAŞKURT, Hümeyra BAHÇECİ


Number of alien species have been increasing in freshwater ichthyofauna of Turkey reason of aquaculture, stock enhancement, ornamental, fishing, accident release, and range extension of natural distribution of some species due to the newly formed waterways. Gymnocephalus cernua Linnaeus, 1758 species has been reported to have expanded its natural distribution area in Balkan countries in recent years. A total of 217 specimens was caught from Gala, Sığırcı and Pamuklu lakes of the Maritze-Ergene Basin during the field studies conducted in 2018. This study provides the first verified record of the species in question in Turkey. It was determined that the average length and weight values of the 52 individuals estimated as 12.32±2.28 cm (9.6-17.6) and 26.08±18.52 g (9.3-80.0), respectively. The length-weight relationship was estimated as W=0.073*L3.2291 and Fulton's condition factor was calculated as K=1.23±0.18 (0.73-1.62). The date on which the species is not known his ways entry to Turkey. Taking the necessary measures to reveal the current and future potential effects of the G. cernua on the ecosystem and to prevent its distribution to other regions such as other invasive species is of great importance in terms of management and protection of biodiversity.


Maritze-Ergene basin, Gala Lake, Sıgırcı Lake, Pamuklu Lake, Exotic

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