Body measurements of Bardhoka sheep breed from Albania

Anila HODA, Luan HAJNO


Bardhoka is an important three purpose sheep breed in Albania. Morphometric parameters of a 50 individuals unrelated and randomly selected were estimated for Wither Height (WH), Rump Height (RH), Body Length (BL), Chest Depth (CD), Chest Width (CW), Rump Width (RW), Chest  Circumference (CC), Cannon Bone Circumference (CBC) and Body Weight (BW). The determined values of these body measurements were used to calculate the body development index (index of format, index of the chest, index of  body weight, etc.). The average values of wither height is 71.76 cm.  the body length is 73.76 cm and the rump heights were 69.36 cm indicating that Bardhoka sheep has almost a square body shape with the rump height slightly smaller than the wither height. The magnitude of correlation coefficient (r) indicated that body weight has high correlation with all body measurements, but the highest correlation was with CC (r = 1). Therefore, the body  weight prediction from chest circumference alone or in combination with other body measurements would be a practical option.


body measures; correlations; regression

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