Marrubium vulcanicum (Lamiaceae), a topotype from north-eastern Anatolia

Gençay AKGÜL


Marrubium vulcanicum is an endemic plant to northeast Anatolia and known by two locations around Ağrı Province. It was collected again by the author from its type locality. This species has little branched and stems dark green, stem leaves ovate to orbicular, rounded at apex, cordate at base and coarsely doubly serrate at margines. Lower and upper lobes of corolla are nearly equal. After recollecting, it has decided as VU in IUCN (2001) because of intensive grazing and cultivation. Collected plant materials were deposited in ANK Herbarium. The comparison of the type and photo of the habitus, drawing of the flower parts and distribution map of the species are given. And also, its pollen characteristics were examined by SEM and seed morphology by LM. In addition, the absence of some characters of the species descriptions in the Flora of Turkey was corrected and extended with this study.


Marrubium, Lamiaceae, Topotype, Turkey.

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