Morphology, Distribution and Taxonomy of Şanlıurfa Asaccus (Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae) Specimens

Mehmet Zülfü YILDIZ, Şehriban ÇAKMAK, Fatma ÜÇEŞ, Naşit İĞCİ, Bahadır AKMAN


Asaccus specimens were identified as Phylodactylus elisae from Birecik District (Şanlıurfa Province) for first time from Turkey. Then, it was reported from Harran District (Şanlıurfa Province) and Nusaybin District (Mardin Province). In a recent study, Harran (Şanlıurfa Province) specimens were included in a new species, A. barani. Since only the Harran population was used in the recent study, taksonomical position of other populations in Şanlıurfa Province has to be re-evaluated. However, there is limited data about morphology of species, until now. In this study, 43 specimens (17 ♂♂, 15 ♀♀ and 11 juvenile) from Şanlıurfa Asaccus populations were used to determine morphological characteristics and some ecological characteristics. As a result, all Asaccus populations of Şanlıurfa were included in A. barani. Besides, A. barani was recorded for the first time in Halfeti District of Şanlıurfa Province.


Asaccus barani, Şanlıurfa, Morphology, Taxonomic, Distribution

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