A study on age and growth of juvenile and semi adult Torpedo nobiliana Bonaparte, 1835 inhabiting Iskenderun Bay, northeastern Mediterranean Sea



In this study, age and growth of juvenile and semi adult Atlantic electric ray were reported for the first time and safranin-o method was also used to stain sectioned vertebrea of this species. A total of 93 Torpedo nobiliana that are 12.0 to 35.5 cm were collected as by- catch by trawl fishermen between September 2010 and December 2011. There was no adult specimen. Of the juvenile and semi adult 42% was female and 58% was male. It was identified that population dispersed from 1 to 5 age groups. The length and weight relationship was expressed as W=0.0151×L3.0611 for combined sexes. The growth parameters of the von-Bertalanffy equations were: L=74.47 cm TL, K=0.1089 year-1 and to=-1.058 year-1. Age and growth characteristics of juvenile and semi adult Atlantic electric ray were found out first time with this study.


Electric ray, Aging method, Growth, Safranin-o, Mediterranean Sea.

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