Life table of Aphelinus paramali Zehavi & Rosen, 1989 (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), a parasite of the melon aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 (Hemiptera, Aphididae)



In this study, biological parameters of Aphelinus paramali on Aphis gossypii on Crimson Tide F1 watermelon variety and relationship between A. gossypii and parasitoid were investigated. In addition, preference of parasitoid on which stage of host, numerical and functional reactions of parasitoid were investigated. All studies carried out under laboratory conditions (25±1°C, 65±5% humidity and 16:8 h photoperiod). The fourth instar of A. gossypii was the most preferred by A. paramali in both trials (choice and no-choice). The highest parasititation was occurred as 42%. Parasitizing of A. paramali lasted till 24th day. The mean number of developed parasitoid which lay on host during its life was 151.1 individuals. The value of intrinsic rate of increase (rm) was determined as 0.324, the values of generation time (To) was determined as 18.21, and net reproduction rate (R0) was determined as 152.5. As density of host increased, the number of parasitized aphid also increased till a certain density level, and then this level reached a stabile parasitism and showed type II.


Aphelinus paramali, Aphis gossypii, Watermelon, Biological parameters, Biological control.

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